X-mas stocking tutorial

I have just finished my Christmas stockings and I wanted to share this easy and fast pattern with everyone who wishes to make a really special gift to the loved ones.

What you need for 1 stocking:

– 1/2 yard of Christmas theme quilting weight cotton fabric for the exterior

– 1/2 yard batting material for structure

– 1/2 yard flannel fabric for lining

– FQ white fleece for the cuff

– thread, scissors, rotary cutter, sewing machine

pattern (print out PDF pattern)

– 5” ribbon for the loop (optional, can be made of exterior fabric too)


STOCKING BODY: Print out the pattern and assemble it using the given instructions. Using the pattern cut out two pieces of exterior fabric, batting and lining fabric. For the exterior piece fold the fabric right sides together put the pattern on top,  pin it if necessary and cut it out with your rotary cutter or trace it and cut it out with scissors.

Now you have 2 pieces of exterior fabric, 2 of the batting and 2 of the lining fabric. To assemble the stocking, sandwich two pieces of exterior fabric right sides together and one batting piece on each side as shown in the second picture below. To make sure the layers will stay in position pin in place and sew it around (leaving the top open) with 1/4 ” seam allowance. Sew the lining layers together in the same way. Trim the excess fabric in the curves (toe, heal, ankle and top) to reduce bulk and turn it right side out and press.

STOCKING CUFF: Cut out one piece 16″x4″ exterior fabric and on piece 16″x5″ fleece. Sandwich them right sides together and sew them together lengthwise with 1/4 ” seam allowance on one side. Open up and press and fold it again right sides together and sew it 1/4″ seam allowance as you can see in the picture above. Fold it and it’s ready!!

ASSEMBLING: Insert the lining piece into the stocking body wrong side out and the insert the cuff¬† and the loop (I made it using the exterior fabric, can be a matching ribbon too- 5″ long) into the top on the body piece. Pin and sew around carefully with 1/2″ seam allowance, make sure you sew all the layers.

Fold over the cuff and you have your very own handmade Christmas stocking.

I added applique initials to my stockings. I will write a tutorial on that soon:)

Enjoy it!

Happy Holidays!!